I work on a boat, live in a city, have a young family, wish I were an astronaut, and should probably just spend more time abiding but can’t.

This is a place for writing I’d like to share, as well as keep away from the ants.

Please feel free to read, glance, comment, share, or ignore as suits you. The only rule I would ask is of course: no ants.

All the best,

Paul Duncan

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You raise a point worthy of deeper discussion AT, though I must say throw in some heavy shots while doing it.

    I didn’t just cite the law to prove I am not guilty of a crime (which, to be clear, is what you are saying). I also did it because I think the law reflects that others, of higher authority and greater understanding than myself, have reached the same conclusion I did: just because someone else used the same title or phrase before you, doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Because, of course there are only so many combinations out there, and you are likely to be attracted to the same ones as those before you have been.

    I gave due consideration to other types of cases, such as termite proof, or mould proof, or fire proof, but arrived at the same conclusion I would imagine Mark Helprin did: ‘ant proof’ works best.

    Should I mention Mark’s excellent book of the same name? I suppose I could, but didn’t feel it necessary, as my site has absolutely nothing to do with his work other than sharing a title. I’m happy I’m not passing his idea off as my own, as to do that this page would need to involve a spy nearing the end of his days, Brazil, and an abiding hatred of coffee.

    As it turns out you’ve presented a way to address the matter here in a sub section. So, thank you for bringing this up.

    Best of luck to you as well.

    Paul Duncan


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